Tuesday, 31 January 2023

January 31

Ebullient Boris The latest revelation from Boris Johnson that President Putin threatened to kill him is yet another example of his regular flights of fancy,eye-catching but ridiculous. The media, of course has fallen for it, television showing Putin on the phone apparently corroberating the story. Mr Johnson has a long history of telling tall tales that have proved fabricated, back to when he was a foreign correspondent reporting the EU He was sacked twice for innacuracy. It has made no difference. In fact it has got worse, especially during his farcical time as pm. He is incapable of telling the truth, using instead lies and jokes. He was never fit to be pm but that has never occurred to him or worried him. He must be in the limelight, centre stage, witty irrevarent. He flourishes on it and surely will never change. Now out of the limelight he still stretces his imagination and our belief. He will never change.

Monday, 30 January 2023


Rogue politicians. Yet another politician is sacked after clinging like a limpet to his job Conservative party chairman,Zadam Hasardi has finally given way, furiously persisting he was not at fault. He is the latest in a long succession of our politicians who have fallen from grace, a sad army down the years. Remember the Profumo sex scandal in 1974 . The usual first move is for the alleged offending MP to be shunned and voted out by his constituents, with the party withdrawing the whip.. his ability to work for them. It was even more prolific in local government with the sensational scandal of Newcastle County council leader in 1974,: T Dan Smith who defrauded the authority on a huge scale. I was public relations officer for Cardiff city council. It has even beenb more serious. My boss, Stuart Lloyd jones was in 1974 seconded by the government as national anti corruption Szar, judging by the many incidents since it was not very successful.

Sunday, 29 January 2023

January 29

Arrangements being made for my return home mainly by social services. The first few weeks will be very important and interesting as there is a lot to do and learn and the carers will be very important. i still have poor mobility and must improve this. not had much chance here as I have only been able to be helped out of bed to sit in a chair. i am going to have a hospital type bed at first and I hope a support on my arm chair. i will also need treatment for my legs. i will have a lot of care at first but I am happy with that as I will be home and I am looking forward to different food. Much easier for visitors,too. i should know this week when it will be.

Saturday, 28 January 2023

January Z

Knit away So the good male members of Conwy council are offended,shocked even, by a woman member knitting during a budget debate on Zoom. They said it held the council in disrepect. Rachel Garrick said she was taking part in the debate and rather than a distraction her knitting was important as it helped her concentrate and avoid pain. I am surprised the council have not been accused of anti feminism. There is nohing new about knitting councillors. Many years ago when I reported Caerphilly concil all seven women out of seventeen members were assidous kniters expert, wih jumpers pouring off what seemed to be an industrial production line. No-one complained.

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Jamuary 26 The doctor won't see you now Despite a two year campaign the NHS has lost another 600 more gps. the result - increasing difficulty in getting to see yours.It is almost impossible for him or her. What a difference from the past. Fo many years our family had a reliable,friendly and efficient gp. It goes back to my father who was ill often; his gp became a friend,calling when needed spending time to chat.He even helped him fill in his weekly football coupon. When we lived in Cardiff Don Dymond,my cousin, was our doctor and he could not have been been better, kinder or moreefficient. He had the perfect ' bedside manner especially with children as he was also a musician which he used while treating them. if you needed a call. no trouble. He picked up his bag and came,usually very promptly. What a change. gps are so busy and stressed now they are reluctant to get out and it is just as difficult to get a surgery appointment. It became even more difficult when our practice merged woth another. ; you got an appointment it meant a long wait in a packed, dangerous surgery, And it is getting worse, Sontry not to get ill!

Wednesday, 25 January 2023

January …

 Hard taskmasters

Physiotherapists. Why do I dislike them so much. Especially hospital ones?

Because their main strength and success is based on pain. The patient’s pain. 

They are oblivious to this. In fact I am positive it spurs them on. Their  gospel is, no pain no gain, and they try to prove it as soon as they start their machinations on you. Sessions of just a few minutes stretch, punctuated by my gasps and protests.

Over the years, of all the physios who have treated - tortured - me only one, many years  ago  had the gentle touch. And I am sure the profession is toughening up, expecting you to do the same.

It certainly applies here until I rebelled not just at this but despite my learning to put up with it and cooperate, they came irregularly, missing days or even weeks.

Eventually, frustrated by lack of progress, I complained and it stopped. Not only the pain, but the physios and I have not seen one for months. Despite the fact the hospital sees them as vital. allowing them to decide rather than the doctors when you are ready to go home

They have obviously given me up., thank goodness so I am getting on with  physiotherapy myself.

Less pain, more relief.

January 25

Homeward bound I can hardly believe it but I am going home- soon! The social services woman who is based here and who saw me this morning is helping with the arrangements including initial home care.I wont believe it until I get out of this room! Seven months and so many ups and down. i often thought it would notcome. Will keep you up to date.